a lot of platforms, but it works really well for me. The screenshots i made are in german, but it should be similar in any other language.

1. download the ifttt app for your iOS device from the appstore.

2. register an choose the following applet:

applet for ifttt on iOS

you have to configure your dropbox account in ifttt-app if you use it the first time.

At this state all of your newly taken iOS photos will be uploaded to your dropbox. you can also put your pictures to your google drive.

3. download your pictures from dropbox or google drive to your QNAP

cloud drive sync for QNAP

you have to install the cloud drive sync app for your QNAP

add an account to cloud drive sync

than configure your account (dropbox or google-drive)

4. now create a sync job from your cloud account to a local folder of  your NAS-Storage.


Thats it! have fun!